Read this before going to Uluwatu

Often, as a person who spends a lot of time at the beach and literally works in bikinis, I am asked what is my favorite beach in Bali. 

The answer? The beaches in Uluwatu!

The magical vibe

Whether you believe in abstract ideas or not, most of us understand energy. Energy can be felt, and the energy at these beaches in the South part of Bali is so different than the rest!

Do you know that there is the main reason why this place is so famous for surfers? It is because the power of the Indian ocean touches the cliffs in such a dramatic manner!

I believe in the Queen of the ocean. I have felt her presence many, many times. I also grew up in a culture with beliefs in the power of the Queen of Southern Ocean. This strong feminine energy is felt more around the South of Bali oceans and is really healing.

Beach time on the retreats

As we know, each of Blueflo retreats is unique. This one as well! Incorporating the ocean energy, this one is the retreat giving more ocean vibes. 

We will do some yoga classes at the beach, after which we will enjoy the sunset together!

We will also do some breathing and meditation at the beach! 

Basic Water skills

We don’t love what we don’t know. So part of this retreat is to know more about the ocean. We will touch a little on some water skills, depending on your start position. You might be already a diver, a surfer, or you might not yet able to swim. Each person is different, and that is okay. Each person deserves to reconnect their soul back to the mesmerizing energy of the ocean. After all, we are in Bali!

Embrace this power and let the ocean takes care of our body, mind, and spirit. 

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