Faq 1

Do You Have Questions?

Absolutely! Your class is adjusted to your level. Our trainer is experienced yoga teacher based on safety, so you will be okay and surely will learn a lot!

The morning yoga is Vinyasa Flow yoga with emphasis on Iyengar or correct adjustment.

The sunset yoga is either Yin yoga to target the connective tissues, or a Restorative Yoga to relax deeper.

Yoga is spiritual practice indeed. But Yoga does not consider any particular religious belief as a requirement for the practice, and you do not need to go against any faith to benefit from our session.

Yes. There is no requirement to be able to swim to join the retreat. One of the goals of the retreat is to feel more comfortable with water, and thus making your future swimming lessons easier.

The retreat is already designed progressively to achieve the goals. So taking only parts of it will not give you the same training and result as intended.

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